Double 3 Setup

  1. Assemble
    Attach your Double 3's head with the included bolt, then put your robot into the Charging Dock to power it on. Upgrading a Double 2?
  2. Join WiFi
    After booting up, Double 3 will prompt you to join a WiFi network on-screen.
  3. Scan Setup Code
    Once online, it will display a QR code that you can scan below or enter the code manually.

Scan with Camera

Double 2 Setup

Upgrade Double 2 to Double 3

  1. Disassemble Double 2
    Remove the Double 2 iPad mount head (remove the bolt at the top of the pole), and Audio Kit.
  2. Upgrade Firmware via iPad
    Place your Double 2 base in the Charging Dock, connect your iPad via Bluetooth, and upgrade firmware by tapping the settings icon in the top right of the Double app for iOS.
  3. Continue Double 3 Setup
    Continue setup above