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Setup Checklist

  1. Sign In on Robot iPads
    We recommend using one account for all robots. This can be your current admin account.
  2. Invite Your Team
    The easiest way to onboard users and future drivers is to invite them via email. They'll be prompted to create a Double account and join your Fleet. Other options include Visitor Passes, SSO, and Magic Email Domain.
  3. Add Drivers to Robots
    For each of your robots, you can grant permanent access to specific users. Once a user is added as a driver, they can call in at any time and even create Calendar Reservations.
  4. Schedule a Calendar Reservation
    Calendar Reservations are a great way to organize and encourage usage of your Doubles. A user will be granted temporary driving privileges, if they do not already have permanent access.
  5. Setup Locations
    You can organize your robots by locations. This will be very useful as your fleet grows!

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